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At DRN we specialise in developing insights reports for clients that are exclusively based on online sources of information. If it’s on the web, we’ll find it.

However, it is one thing to locate and extract what is relevant from the information collected, but it’s another to make sense of that information and pull it together as a single-minded narrative. We use tried-and-tested qualitative research methods that allow us to deduce meaning from the mass of information collected, and package it in such a way that you are able to apply the insights immediately within your business. With 16 years’ experience in research across multiple industries, we are not shy to say this is our forte.


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Desk Research Report Types

Desk research is ideal for. . .
Competitor Understanding

Know who you are up against, and what they are up to e.g. market positioning, core services / product offering, use of social media, communication / messaging strategy.

Market / Industry Understanding

Better understand your industry environment, competitors, products, customers, impact of new technology and impacting market factors.

The Role & Influence of New Technology

Obtain a thorough understanding of how new technology is impacting, or is anticipated to impact, the world in which you operate such as AI, telematics, blockchain, biometrics etc.

Trend Identification & Trend Tracking

Evolve with industry trends, be part of the change, or lead the change. We can help you react proactively by identifying trends, and analysing their possible effects on your business.

Customer / User Understanding

Better understand your existing or intended target market / end-user and have customer profiles or personas at-hand to help guide you.

Benchmarking Case Studies

Identify competitors, products, services, solutions, or experiences that you want to benchmark against or learn from.

Customer View of Brand/Offering

Get a handle on how your customers or desired target market perceive your brand and/or your products and services through our online tools.

Research Support for Post-Graduates

Do you need assistance with your post-grad / MBA literature reviews, topic research, conducting of interviews, data crunching and/or reporting?


Why Select Us

We ensure that we understand your requirements right up front and commit to top quality, timeous work.

Our rates are fair and competitive. Based on your brief to us we submit a formal proposal that provides clarity on both the deliverables, when you will receive these by, and exactly how much this will cost. We are entirely transparent and will never run over budget.


With 16 years of experience in conducting desk research, we have honed our online investigative skills – we know where to look, what to extract and how to best pull results together in the shortest amount of time without compromising on quality.


It is our commitment and promise to you that we will never miss the deadline set. We always communicate with you throughout your project lifecycle, and will respond to any query within 24 hours. We also provide 48 hour status updates.


Over the past 16 years we have worked on over 100 projects for companies such as Investec, Deloitte, Unilever, Distell, Vodacom, UNICEF, Comair and even conduct feature film research for media entertainment companies.


We have built a great deal of trust in the market across industries such as financial services, alcohol, FMCG, insurance, mining, mobile networks, healthtech, retail, tourism, aviation, and many others – and the fact that a number of our clients are still with us since 2004 is a testament to this. 

Multi-Disciplinary Team

Our researchers come from diverse backgrounds – advertising, market research, media, marketing, digital, and most have also worked client-side across the industries we have a great deal of experience in such as telecoms and banking. 



Our process is simple, and intended to deliver the best results, in the shortest amount of time without compromising on quality.

Project Understanding

We provide our clients with a standardised briefing template. This information allows us to scope  requirements based on your business case or problem at hand. Ideally we also look to set up a Skype, Google Hangouts or Zoom kick-off briefing.


Conduct the Research

There is an incredible amount of information available online in the form of articles, reports, multi-media, studies, reviews, social commentary and a plethora of additional sources. However, the amount of information out there can become overwhelming to gather, sort through, know what is and is not relevant, and even to know when to stop. We’ve had years of experience honing our skills and knowing how to work with what we find.


Extract & Analyse

We employ qualitative data analysis methods such as content and framework analysis in order to identify themes, patterns, and relationships that lead us to informed recommendations for improvement and growth. The analytical and critical-thinking skills of the researcher play the most significant role in making sense of raw information and translating it into meaningful insight.


Documentation & Reporting

We are fully proficient in developing reports in Microsoft Word, PPT and Mac Keynote, and can work within your own company template. We refuse to throw streams of bullet points at you. Rather, we strive to create reports that are dynamic, both intellectually and visually evocative and, most importantly, tell a story.



We've worked on a huge selection of brands since our inception in 2004. Below are a handful of examples of the kinds of projects we've been fortunate enough to work on

Digital Competitor Intelligence Report

Market Analysis and Competitor Brand Positioning Review

Screenplay Research for Historical True Story Movies

Competitor Brand Positioning and Benchmarking Report

Target Market Research, Industry Trend Tracking & Competitor Analysis

Impact of New Technology & Innovations Trend Identification Reports

Exploring Digitisation Advancements Impacting Health Practice Management

Target Market Research, Industry Trend Tracking & Competitor Analysis

Analysis of Existing Creative Brand Collateral (CI and Messaging) Relative to Competitors

Industry and Competitor Product Offering Analysis Report


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